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Logitech MX620
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Logitech MX620 Sun Feb 24, 2008 2:26 am  •   #2657

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A downloadable Controller Type for the Logitech MX620 Cordless Laser Mouse was added today.

This removes a number of controls that don't actually exist on the device.
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TWO at the cost of ONE - MX620 Puzzler Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:59 am  •   #2758

Joined: 18 Mar 2008
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Couldn't find model # on the mouse, or receipt, packaging, install disk... Confused

But my mouse matches MX620 so i grabbed the controller type. I see there are actually 2 types in the file:
  • MX620 (consumer) - appearing as a keyboard which i didn't think i'd need
  • MX620 (mouse) - appearing as a mouse

I used to use Steermouse which worked okay, but i wanted something better that would also handle a gamepad. I like CM's flexible way of doing things. Steermouse detected the wheel and axes plus 8 buttons, with #'s 7 & 8 being wheel tilt left and right, and the regular tilt controls doing nothing.

With CM's MX620 (mouse) i get:
  • #1 - Left
  • #2 - Right
  • #3 - Middle
  • #4 - Back
  • #5 - Forward
  • X Axis
  • Y Axis
  • AC Pan - (apparently wheel tilt but shown as an axis)
I finally worked out that MX620 (consumer) provides only the AC Search absent from MX620 (mouse). I discovered CMScanner and as i ran through it's test steps, i thought it was going to put it all together, but in the summary, there were still 2 devices, and it became obvious that this "USB receiver" is also used for some model keyboard (as it appears in CM), which apparently is where the mouse search button registers as AC Search.

I named all the bits and bobs with their appropriate functions, such as "Wheel Tilt" for AC Pan, but it's rather confusing having a second controller just to get the Search button, and with CM reporting AC Pan (Wheel Tilt) as an axis having values from -127 to +127, when there are really only 3 values generated by the mouse:
  • -1 > Left Wheel Tilt
  • 0 > default state
  • +1 > Right Wheel Tilt
Rolling Eyes
Great. Now i can't remember what my intended query or central point of this post was going to be, beyond the general confusion this stuff generates. My main programming related queries/problems are likely more appropriate for other areas of the forum.

Perhaps somebody will find this helpful. Very Happy

Typical of Logitech to devise devious ways to confuse. I found their "Logitech Control Center" software to be an unstable, bug-ridden load of crap, and i had to switch away from my beloved USB Overdrive because it didn't properly support this mouse, and because the promised "true pref pane" version with an "updated UI" hasn't shown up.
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