ControllerMate Compatibility

The basic ControllerMate installation is compatible with a wide variety of input devices. In some cases, a device may include non-standard controls that ControllerMate does not recognize. Compatibility with non-standard controls can sometimes be improved by importing a special cmate file into ControllerMate.

The links on the left side of this page lead to comments on ControllerMate's compatibility with various devices. When available, a link to a cmate file is also included along with a description of the improvements that it makes. In some cases, more than one cmate file may be available for different versions of a particular device.

A device that is not listed is not necessarily incompatible with ControllerMate, it simply may not have been tested yet. Feedback from users about a device is always welcome, even if it is only to report that the device works just fine with ControllerMate.