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@ KEN - re: spam posts
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@ KEN - re: spam posts Tue May 22, 2018 11:58 am  •   #12227

Joined: 07 Sep 2015
Posts: 51
Location: US Capitol Region

Hey Ken,

Any chance that you would consider implementing some measures to cut back on the sheer quantity spammy posts? They're getting more and more rampant, distracting and clogging up the forum; totally polluting the threads in your hiatus.

Perhaps you could implement a captcha (or whatever), or something to slow down forum registrations by bots or spammers?

That should reduce future, new posts; but to help deal with all the junk that's already here (with minimal effort on your end―I'd much rather have the time you choose to spend on the forum be spent responding to genuine questions about CM!)―something that allows members to help out in the process at least with currently active threads seems appropriate.
Something along the lines of a "Report" button or semi-hidden command associated with each post in each thread which would simply hide that particular post to anyone browsing the thread without actually deleting it or requiring any review/action from you;, just to help to get clean up the irrelevant junk posts that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread; or even CM, HID devices, etc. on threads that are still active.

As a safety mechanism in case of abuse there which minimizes any extra burden on you, just allow the user who posted a hidden comment to file a counter complaint for you to review to restore the comment's visibility. You could even set that to auto-approve since I can't imagine that happening with the spammers.

Perhaps you could also create a class/level of members/users whose accounts have reached a certain age along with a threshold # number of posts would be exempt from automatic hiding if reported―basically some method to filter the genuine participating members with relative simplicity and accuracy. This shouldn't be too hard to automate since actual contributing users aren't spamming the forum. And it doesn't appear as though the spammers typically return to post over extended periods of time.

Another option that could be helpful: a "Hide User" command to hide all the posts of a particular user, but only to the user who activated the command―and perhaps an additional option to allow users to hide the users hidden by other "trusted" members if they wish.

Of course, it would also probably be a good idea to leave a single-line little disclaimer or "place holder" for each hidden post which users can click to temporarily un-hide the post, and mark for review to be permanently un-hidden.

You should be able to minimize the number of cases that need personal review without much fuss. And you could review just those cases- or perhaps even only hide the comment to the user who reported the contributing member.

Just some ideas that come to mind which seem like they should be relatively easy to add as features to the forum to help get this issue under control and manage it in the future.

Something would be nice anyway…

BTW, just wondering about you and your well-being/health... haven't seen you post in quite a while. I've been starting to get concerned for you. I hope and trust that all is well and you are merely taking a vacation, or you have re-focused yourself on a new project... Or you're just taking a break from the forum. It's just uncharacteristic and unprecedented for you to disappear for so long―months!

[Edited to increase detail and clearness, as well as to correct minor errors.]

Last edited by JonnyP on Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:46 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:55 pm  •   #13806

Joined: 07 Sep 2015
Posts: 51
Location: US Capitol Region

Ken, I'm very pleased and relieved to see you have returned to the forum (some months ago) after a 6 month absence!

Welcome back!

Any thoughts or ideas on a plan to reduce spam posts on the forum?

I can't imagine that you don't agree that it has really snowballed and gotten out of hand… It seems like ANY that would even reduce a portion of the posts would be helpful, wouldn't it!?

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