Ken Heglund

Chief Engineer

About ControllerMate

ControllerMate is the Mac OS X application to trigger custom keyboard, mouse, and MIDI actions using a wide variety of input devices. Its building block architecture gives users exceptional freedom in the types of actions that can be created and the inputs that trigger them. Programming actions can be as simple as a single keyboard key that is triggered by a generic button, or a complex combination of timing and logic that is triggered by a combination of controls.

ControllerMate originally existed as a background-only application that controlled flight simulators using gaming devices. ControllerMate now exists in several custom variants, has grown to include compatibility with a wide variety of devices, and is used in diverse applications such as audio/video editing, music production, gaming, and – when time permits – flight simulation.

About OrderedBytes

OrderedBytes was founded in 2005 and introduced ControllerMate as its first product that year. In addition to ongoing ControllerMate development, OrderedBytes also creates custom variants of ControllerMate and entirely custom HID and MIDI applications for clients on a contract basis.

About Ken

Ken has been programming Apple computers almost as long as they have been in existence — beginning with BASIC on the Apple IIe, moving to THINK C and CodeWarrior on Mac OS, then to the Apple development tools and Objective-C on Mac OS X. As a degreed electrical engineer, he designed circuitry and programmed 4- and 8-bit microcontrollers for film and digital cameras. More recently he has been developing applications based on HID and MIDI interfaces for Mac OS X. He has been named as an inventor on two US patents (#5,401,016 and #6,330,400), is a certificated private pilot, and is (co-)owner of the 13-time champion Green Bay Packers.