General Support

General questions or comments about OrderedBytes can be sent to the support e-mail address.

ControllerMate Support

Support for ControllerMate can be found in a few areas:

ControllerMate Keys / Purchases

After a purchase is completed, an automatic e-mail containing the ControllerMate key information is sent to the address provided during the purchase. Generally, the key information should arrive moments after the purchase is completed.

If you fail to receive the confirmation e-mail, please send a note to the support e-mail address containing some details about the purchase (Date, Time, etc.) and we will send the registration information as soon as possible.

Lost ControllerMate Keys

To retrieve a lost ControllerMate key, enter the e-mail address that was originally used when making the purchase into the field below. If a matching key is found, it will be resent to the same address.

E-mail address:

If the original e-mail address is no longer in use, lost registration keys can usually be retrieved by sending a message to the support e-mail address. To help locate the correct key, include the e-mail address that was originally used to purchase the key and an approximate date when the key was purchased.