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ControllerMate for X-keys

ControllerMate for X-keys v4.11.1

October 10, 2018

Compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and macOS 10.14 Mojave
Previous versions can be downloaded for older versions of macOS

ControllerMate for X–keys is a free version of ControllerMate for owners of X–keys devices from P. I. Engineering. It includes all features of the standard version of ControllerMate except the MIDI Source and MIDI Output building blocks. ControllerMate for X-keys is compatible with the X–keys devices shown below.

Programming that is created with ControllerMate for X-keys is 100% compatible with the full version of ControllerMate. Users of ControllerMate for X-keys can add compatibility with other manufacturers' devices by upgrading to the full version of ControllerMate without losing the programming for their X-keys devices.

Compatible X-keys Devices

X-keys XKE-124 T-bar
X–keys XKE-124 T-bar
X-keys XKR-32
X–keys XKR-32 Rack Mounted Keys
X-keys XK-128
X–keys XK-128 USB Keyboard
X-keys XK-80
X–keys XK-80 Programmable Keyboard
X-keys XK-68 + Jog & Shuttle
X–keys XK-64 Jog & Shuttle
X-keys XK-68 + Joystick
X–keys XK-64 Joystick
X-keys XK-60 Programmable Keyboard
X–keys XK-60 Programmable Keyboard
X-keys XK-24 Programmable Keyboard
X–keys XK-24 Programmable Keyboard
X-keys XK-24 USB Keypad - XK-24 Plus
X–keys USB Keypad XK-24 Plus
X-keys XK-3 Switch Interface
X–keys XK-3 Switch Interface
X-keys XK-12+Jog & Shuttle
X–keys XK-12+Jog & Shuttle
X-keys XK-12+Joystick
X–keys XK-12+Joystick
X-keys XK-12+Touchpad
X–keys XK-12+Touchpad
X-keys USB Foot Pedal - XK-3 Plus
X–keys USB Foot Pedal XK-3 Plus
X-keys XK-3 Foot Pedals
X–keys XK-3 Foot Pedals
X-keys Foot Pedal USB
X–keys Foot Pedal USB
X-keys USB 128 Key Keyboard
X–keys USB 128 Key Keyboard
X-keys USB 84 Key Keyboard
X–keys USB 84 Key Keyboard
X-keys Professional SE / MWII
X–keys Professional SE / MWII
X-keys XK-16
X–keys XK-16
X-keys XK-8
X–keys XK-8
X-keys XK-4
X–keys XK-4
X-keys Stick MWII
X–keys Stick MWII
X-keys Jog & Shuttle Pro MWII
X–keys Jog & Shuttle Pro MWII
X-keys Joystick Pro USB
X–keys Joystick Pro USB
X-keys Desktop SE / MWII
X–keys Desktop SE / MWII
X-keys USB LCD Keypad
X–keys USB LCD Keypad (1)
X-keys XK-12 Switch Interface
X–keys XK-12 Switch Interface
X-keys Switch Interface
X–keys Switch Interface MWII
X-keys Pi3 Matrix Encoder Board
X–keys Matrix Encoder Board
X-keys USB Matrix Board
X–keys USB Matrix Board

(1) ControllerMate does not control the contents of the display on the X–keys USB LCD Keypad.

X–keys is a trademark of P. I. Engineering, Inc.

Previous Versions

ControllerMate for X-keys v4.10.4 can be used with macOS 10.12
ControllerMate for X-keys v4.9.10 can be used with Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.11
ControllerMate for X-keys v4.8.3 can be used with Mac OS X 10.6 (64-bit) and 10.7
ControllerMate for X-keys v4.5.3 can be used with Mac OS X 10.4/10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6 (32-bit)